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Service Description

Zero-Turn Service

A zero-turn is a type of ride-on lawn mower that is maneuvered by controlling the direction of each of the four wheels instead of a standard steering wheel. Without a steering wheel, the turning radius is technically zero leading to the name zero-turn. The wheels are controlled by throttles and levers that give the operator of the mower greater precision in steering and faster speed. A few models of zero-turn mowers feature a joystick-like steering option. Zero-turn mowers are also often referred to as z-turns.

Common Zero-Turn Repairs and Maintenance

The design of zero-turn mowers does entail a few more moving parts and components than other types of ride-on mowers. As with any piece of equipment, your owner's manual is the best guide to follow for maintenance required for your brand and model of zero-turn.

In general, common zero-turn repairs and maintenance you can expect are:

  • Checking oil and hydraulic fluid levels before each use and change or replenish based on owner's manual instructions
  • Inspect and replacement or cleaning of air filter after every 50 hours of use
  • Checking belts and adjustment of tension, and look for wear or damage indicating replacement is needed
  • Testing air pressure in tires and adding air if needed
  • Sharpening blades and balancing as needed
  • Regularly inspecting blades for bending, warping or other damage and replacement as necessary
  • Inspecting and cleaning battery terminals
  • Lubricating deck wheels, caster axles and front pivot axle
  • Checking and replacement of the spark plug
  • Regularly cleaning mower deck, cooling fans and intake screens to prevent grass and leaf build-up that can cause the motor to overheat
  • Checking and replacement of fuel filter
  • Checking level and balance of cutting deck before each use

How often should you have your zero-turn mower serviced by a professional?

Similar to other types of lawn care equipment, planning your professional service appointment for your zero-turn before the start of the mowing season is a great reminder and a great way to start the season off right with your equipment in optimal condition. Zero-turns are frequently used in commercial or large scale mowing operations. In cases of very heavy use or commercial-level use, more frequent professional servicing is necessary. If you are using your zero-turn in a commercial or for larger-scale mowing needs, refer to the manufacturer's recommendations or call us at Grand Strand Power Equipment. We proudly service, repair and maintain most brands and models of zero-turn mowers.