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Service Description

Trimmer Service

A trimmer is a lawn care tool that uses a plastic line spun at high speeds to cut plants and weeds instead of a metal blade. Trimmers are also commonly known as weed eaters, weed-whackers, and string trimmers. Trimmers come in three main types: gasoline-powered, battery-powered and electric (corded or plug-in). Trimmers are most often used to clean up grass or plant growth around an object that isn't reachable by a mower, such as a mail box post, tree or light pole.

Common Trimmer Repairs and Maintenance

Depending on the type of trimmer (gas, battery or electric-powered), the maintenance needs may vary. Follow the instructions in the owner's manual for your trimmer, particularly with regard to proper storage to keep your trimmer running properly.

In general, common trimmer repairs and maintenance to expect are:

  • Replacing string (always replace with the string type and thickness noted by the manufacturer)
  • Cleaning and replacement of spark plug
  • Regular cleaning of the cutting shield and trimmer head
  • Checking all moving parts for wear or damage and replace as needed
  • Checking and replacement of air filters
  • Checking and adjustment of idle speed (tighten designated screws to adjust)
  • Properly lubricate of angle/bevel gear
  • Checking and replacement of fuel filter
  • Maintaining drive shaft
  • Cleaning and replacement of spark arrestor every 25 hours of use (fiberglass spark arrestors should be replaced every 25 hours rather than cleaned)
  • Degreasing at the end of each season before storage, or more frequently if needed

How often should your trimmer be serviced by a professional?

A good practice is to have your trimmer professionally serviced prior to the start of each lawn care season. If you use your trimmer more frequently than the average user, talk to the professionals at Grand Strand Power Equipment about the most appropriate maintenance schedule. Of course, if you notice a problem with your trimmer or have trouble checking any of the standard maintenance items in your owner's manual, do not use it until it is professionally inspected and serviced to prevent damage (or additional damage) to your trimmer.