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Service Description

Push / Walk-Behind Mower Service

A push mower is a lawn mower with self-powered cutting blades but requires a person to pushing it to move across the lawn to be cut. A walk-behind mower features self-powered cutting blades and also is self-propelled, so it requires a person only to steer or guide the mower (doesn't need to be pushed).

Common Walk-Behind / Push Mower Maintenance and Repairs

Push mowers and walk-behind mowers are similar in terms of maintenance. As always, refer to the owner's manual that came with your mower for manufacturer recommendations or any special maintenance required for brand-specific features.

In general, common walk-behind / push mower maintenance and repairs you can expect are:

  • Checking and sharpening blades as needed (brown tips on cut grass are a sign that blades need to be sharpened)
  • Tightening blades, nuts, bolts and screws that can loosen from vibration during normal use
  • Inspecting grass catcher, discharge cover and trail shield for damage or wear
  • Checking and replacement of air filter
  • Cleaning undercarriage to remove stuck on grass and debris
  • Checking and replacement of the spark plug
  • Checking oil level and changing oil when needed
  • Inspecting fuel line, cap, tank and fittings for leaks, cracks or other signs of damage and wear
  • Checking drive belts for loosening or wear and replacing when needed
  • Inspecting starter cord for loose connections, fraying or wear
  • Cleaning motor housing to remove debris
  • Checking tires for air pressure, wobbling, flat edges, proper height and debris in the axle

How often should your walk-behind or push mower be serviced by a professional?

An easy way to remember to have your mower professionally serviced is to set up your maintenance appointment before the start of each mowing season. Your walk-behind or push mower will be prepped and in optimal condition from the first mowing of the season. If you have questions or need repairs at any point in the season, Grand Strand Power Equipment will have you back up and mowing quickly. We service nearly all brands of walk-behind and push mowers.

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