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Power Washer Service

A power washer is a machine equipped with a sprayer that provides a powerful stream of hot water. Power washers are used to clean a variety of surfaces, such as decks, house siding and even other types of equipment. The term "power washer" is often used interchangeably with the term "pressure washer", however, they have one significant difference. Pressure washers use cold or room temperature water and don't include parts for heating the water prior to spraying. Power washers and pressure washers both come in either gas-powered or electric models.

Common Power Washer Maintenance and Repairs

When it comes to maintaining your power washer, the most essential part to check and ensure proper maintenance for is the water pump. Without a properly operating water pump, the power washer won't work correctly but also with the heating coil heating the water, a malfunctioning water pump can compromise safety. While the water pump is the part that creates the pressure and spray, regular maintenance on the other components is important as well.

In general, common power washer maintenance and repairs to expect are:

  • Cleaning and replacement of screen filters
  • Testing spray gun to ensure trigger and spray nozzle work properly
  • Inspecting hoses and O-rings for cuts, leaks, dents or other damage and replacement if needed
  • Frequently inspect and flush water pump with clean water to remove debris and dirt
  • Changing oil for the water pump after every 50 hours of use
  • Regularly flushing lines to prevent clogs
  • Cleaning water inlet screen by rinsing clean with fresh water and air drying before reinstallation, with replacement when needed
  • Cleaning or replacement of air filter every 100 hours of use or 3 months (whichever is soonest)
  • Cleaning or replacement of fuel filter
  • Inspecting and replacement of heating coil when needed
  • Inspecting float tank for leaks or damage
  • Winterizing for storage during cold weather (never let water freeze inside your power washer or pressure washer)

How often should your power washer be serviced by a professional?

It's good practice to have your power washer serviced and thoroughly inspected by a professional at least once per year. As with most types of power equipment, the more heavily you use it, the more often you should have a professional servicing to catch small issues before they become expensive major problems. Professional servicing also helps keep all parts and components working most efficiently. Grand Strand Power Equipment offers service, maintenance and repairs for nearly all power washer and pressure washer brands.