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Service Description

Leaf Blower Service

A leaf blower is a type of powered equipment that blows a powerful stream of air through a tube or extended nozzle, using air to move debris like leaves and grass clippings. Leaf blowers come in two main types: gasoline-powered or electric. Electric leaf blowers are generally quieter during operation than gas-powered blowers.

Common Leaf Blower Maintenance and Repairs

Like many types of power equipment, maintenance for leaf blowers can be slightly more intensive for gas-powered models than for electric models. Always check your owner's manual for recommended maintenance checklists and frequency of maintenance tasks. If you have any questions, Grand Strand Power Equipment is happy to help.

In general, common leaf blower maintenance and repairs to expect are:

  • Inspecting and cleaning or replacement of air filter as needed
  • Checking the throttle lock and throttle trigger for proper operation
  • Inspecting the tension spring, starter device and starter cord for signs of wear or damage
  • Frequent checking of air intake to keep it clear of debris
  • Checking and replacement of spark plug
  • Cleaning fan blades on the flywheel and inspect for wear
  • Cleaning and/or replacement of the muffler's spark arrestor screen
  • Inspecting fuel line for cracks or leaks and replacing when needed
  • Checking and replacement of fuel filter
  • Inspecting and securing all cables and connections (these may come loose from vibration during normal operation)
  • Inspecting all housings for cracks or signs of wear
  • Cleaning the outside of carburetor
  • Frequently inspecting anti-vibration mounting for damage

How often should your leaf blower be serviced by a professional?

Leaf blowers are one of the most versatile and useful types of equipment for many owners. If you use your leaf blower quite frequently, a professional servicing twice per year will keep your blower working efficiently and as quietly as possible (which your neighbors will thank you for). If you use your blower less frequently, having it professionally serviced yearly will keep it well-maintained. If you notice any changes in airflow or operation of your leaf blower, don't wait until your next professional service! Putting off a potential problem can make a small issue much worse - and more expensive to fix. Grand Strand Power Equipment provides regular maintenance and repairs for most leaf blower brands.