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Service Description

A lawn tractor is a type of grass-cutting equipment similar to a riding lawn mower, where the person operating the equipment is seated on it. The primary difference between a lawn tractor and a riding lawn mower is the location of the cutting deck (mechanism that houses the cutting blades). On a lawn tractor, the cutting deck is located in the center of the machine, whereas on a riding lawn mower, the cutting deck is located in the front of the machine.

Common Lawn Tractor Repairs and Maintenance

Standard maintenance for lawn tractors is quite similar to maintenance requirements for a riding lawn mower, so many of the common maintenance and repair items will sound familiar to those who have previously owned or used a riding lawn mower. Of course, always review your owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommended maintenance items and how frequently they should be done.

In general, common lawn tractor maintenance and repairs to expect are:

  • Sharpening blades (grass with brown tips after mowing are a sign blades need sharpening)
  • Checking blades for bends, warping or other damage that requires blade replacement
  • Cleaning cutting deck frequently to remove grass and debris and prevent wear or damage
  • Checking oil and replacement of oil and oil filter
  • Checking and replacement of spark plug (spark plug should be replaced at least every 100 hours of use)
  • Checking and replacement of air filter and/or air filter element
  • Leveling of cutting deck
  • Checking and replacement of in-line fuel filter (if equipped)
  • Inspecting and cleaning battery terminals
  • Testing tire pressure and adding air as needed
  • Tightening engine mounting bolts as needed
  • Checking and tightening all nuts, bolts, screws that might have loosened from vibration of normal use
  • Spraying lubricant on bare metal parts of undercarriage to prevent rust
  • Lubricating front axles, rims and pedal pivot points

How often should your lawn tractor be serviced by a professional?

At minimum, it's ideal to have your lawn tractor professionally serviced prior to each new cutting season. However, like any kind of power equipment, the more frequently it's used, the more frequently it should be serviced. Your owner's manual should provide guidelines on what is considered average use to help you gauge if your use is average or above average. Another important part of caring for your lawn tractor is properly winterizing it to protect during the colder months while it's not in use. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your use and ideal maintenance schedule, the professionals at Grand Strand Power Equipment are there when you need them, and they service almost every brand of lawn tractor around.