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Service Description

A generator is a portable device that uses a fuel-powered (gasoline or propane) engine to generate electricity during temporary power outages, or when short-term power is needed in an area without access to electricity.

Common Generator Repairs and Maintenance

Depending on the size and model of generator, there may be additional maintenance items the manufacturer of your generator will recommend. One of the most important factors in minimizing the frequency and cost of repairs is proper storage to protect the unit from weather conditions, as well as following manufacturer's guidelines for periodic running of your generator to keep the engine lubricated between uses.

In general, common generator repairs and maintenance to expect are:

  • Battery testing and replacement, when needed, along with testing of the battery charging system
  • Regular checking and adjustment of power quality/frequency
  • Replacing worn or corroded parts, such as spark plugs, bolts and other components that may be impacted by outdoor storage
  • Calibration of the fuel pump, fuel injector, turbocharger and automatic voltage regulator
  • Testing and adjustment of alternator's voltage output
  • Checking and adjustment of valves and throttle linkage
  • Checking and refilling coolant, fuel, oil and any other fluids your unit requires
  • Testing of air intake, unit airflow and ventilation (and clearing any blockages)

How often should your generator be serviced by a professional?

Like most types of power equipment, the more frequently you use your generator, the more frequently you'll want to have your unit serviced by a professional. However, for most people who only use their generator during power outages, having your generator fully inspected and serviced by Grand Strand Power Equipment at least once per year is recommended. Here in the Grand Strand, many people own generators specifically for storm-related power outages. Scheduling your annual service appointment prior to the start of hurricane season (June through November) gives you the peace of mind you need to know your generator is in good working condition in the event of a looming tropical storm or hurricane. The worst time to discover a major problem with your generator is during a dangerous weather event. Grand Strand Power Equipment services, maintains and repairs most major generator brands and models.