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Service Description

A chainsaw is a hand-held, powered cutting tool with a rotating or endless chain equipped with sharp teeth (saw teeth). The chain rotates at high speed around a guide bar, with the speed of the rotation and sharp saw teeth working together to cut firewood, trim tree limbs and fell trees. Chainsaws come in two main types: gasoline/fuel-powered or electric-powered (plug-in).

Common Chainsaw Repairs and Maintenance

Different makes and models may have different maintenance and repair needs, depending on the type of power source, if the chain has an automatic oiler or not and other factors. Always follow the instructions in the owner's manual, however, if you have questions or need professional service, we're here to help.

In general, common chainsaw repairs and maintenance to expect are:

  • Sharpening the chain before each use or if it becomes dull during use, and replacing the chain if it gets damaged or when teeth become too worn to operate safely
  • Lubricating chain, whether your model has an automatic oiler or requires manual oiling, keep chainsaw oil on hand
  • Adjusting tension of the chain as needed, prior to use and after about 30 minutes of use as the chain can stretch and require adjusting
  • Cleaning air filter after every 15 tanks of fuel or five hours of use and replacement of air filter yearly
  • Replacing fuel filter at least yearly or more frequently with heavy use
  • Cleaning and replacement of guide bar if it begins bending or cracking, begins overheating (part of it turns blue), the edge becomes visibly worn, or the chain groove becomes wider, off-center or shallower.
  • Replacing spark plug as needed

How often should your chainsaw be serviced by a professional?

The answer depends on how frequently you use your chainsaw. If you use your chainsaw heavily, a professional servicing every three to four months is advisable. If you use your chainsaw infrequently or less heavily, a professional servicing each year is recommended. Grand Strand Power Equipment provides professional servicing, maintenance and repairs for most major chainsaw brands and models.